Class Representative Description

Class Representative (Class Rep) Mission:
Class Reps act as ambassadors for D-E, the PA, and the grade. As parents of D-E students and Class Representatives, we are expected to actively model the school’s articulated Mission, Core Values, and Diversity Values.

Class Rep overall responsibilities include:
• Communicating effectively with parents, whether in person, by phone or email/text.
• Coordinating annual grade-specific activities and fostering new activities that meet the evolving needs of parents.
• Welcoming new families and engaging all families in our school.
• Supporting the grade-level teachers/deans and serving as grade liaisons as necessary.
• Promoting and attending grade, division, and school-wide activities/events (academic, athletics, arts, etc.) and encouraging other parents to participate.

Class Rep Team (CC, POR):
• Meet with teachers/deans as a group as arranged by the CC (details below).
• Working with the Grade level teachers/deans, Class Reps will be asked to introduce themselves at Back to School night in order to introduce themselves.
• Ensure that at Parent Gatherings and D-E events all parents feel welcome, connected and are talking with one another.
• Help facilitate communication and raise parent engagement within the grade.

Class Coordinator (CC):
This role is the point of contact/liaison to teacher/dean.
• Set schedule of meetings with teacher/dean for the year in September at your initial meeting (initial meeting no later than end of September); all Class Reps should attend. Please CC division VP on communication to set up these meetings.
• No less than two meetings should be held – you should meet in September and then again in Spring prior to the forum. More meetings if necessary otherwise can be done via email.

Program & Outreach Rep (POR) (2 per grade)
This role is the point of contact for the grade. Your information will be provided to the grade parents for questions. You will have to interact and answer emails as they come in. You will also oversee grade-specific activities and outreach to parents.
• Oversee grade-specific activities/social gatherings requiring parent attendance. Further rules/information about social gatherings will be provided.
• Coordinate with other reps (as a team) about setting up a fall and a spring social gathering.
• Initiate community building/welcome new families. Encourage informal “meet and greet” among all parents. These can range from an informal coffee get together after drop off, before pick up or even a weeknight dinner. School funds are not provided for these types of events. Everyone pays for themselves.
• Work with your Class Rep Team and determine activities based on the needs of grade.
• Communicate information/messages to parents at the request of Parents’ Association.