As teenagers spend more time online, there is increased pressure to present themselves in idealized ways.

  • – How does the current online culture affect body image and disordered eating?
  • – And why do we overlook the fact that so many boys are affected by this phenomenon?

We will discuss how to spot signs of risky eating behavior as well as how to help our teenagers become more flexible and intuitive about eating and body image.

Discussion Topics to include:

  • – Pressure to be perfect
  • – Online culture and its impact(s) on body image
  • – Missing (and catching) signs of body issues with Boys
  • – What to look for & What we can do

Links for Additional Resources/Advance Reading:

Dr. Deirdre O’Malley is a licensed clinical psychologist who has worked at Dwight-Englewood for the last nine years. She has extensive experience treating children and adolescents in hospitals, schools, and in private practice, and specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders. She has a doctorate in School Psychology from the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers University. Dr. O’Malley is also the mom of two boys.

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