10 Week-Day Sessions beginning Thursday, February 7, 2019 – Thursday, May 9, 2019 


Description:  This ten-session course is an immersive experience for adults in which we will learn an evidence-based skill set of habits that keep us working and feeling our best.  Our body’s resources all have limits.  Our energy, our attention, our willpower, our memory, and even our good mood are all finite, so in order to keep working for us, they need to be recharged regularly.  In this course, participants will learn about mindfulness, meditation, and a range of complementary movement and wellness practices to help individuals learn to just be, rather than feeling the need to push into overdrive.

This immersion will introduce the fundamentals of practicing mindfulness–the ability to purposefully direct our attention where we want it rather than where our thoughts, emotions, distractions, and our outside environment may take it.  Believe it or not, by learning to pay greater attention to the simple things that are going on in any given moment–from our breathing to the sounds in the room and the taste of our food–we’re actually able to become more attentive, calm, and present.

Each session will include guided meditation, journaling exercises and specific topics to dive deep into.  These topics will include managing stress, learning to say “no”, work/life balance, self-compassion, fearless living and much more. We will spend time learning the science of well-being: what we can learn from the research about topics ranging from the effect of stress and lack of sleep on the body to the importance of practicing gratitude.  There will be time for creativity and self-reflection to allow participants to discover which of these practices resonate with them and will support them moving forward. Participants completing the ten sessions will leave with a toolbox for carrying these new ways of being into their daily life and integrating them into their work and family routines.

Session Dates:

  •  Session 1 – February 7
  • Session 2 – February 21
  • Session 3 – February 28
  • Session 4 – March 7
  • Session 5 – March 14
  • Session 6 – April 11
  • Session 7 – April 18
  • Session 8 – April 25
  • Session 9  – May 2
  • Session 10 – May 9