Affinity Group Information

Parent affinity groups affirm the school’s mission to embrace diversity by raising cultural awareness, offering cultural celebrations, and hosting educational programs. These groups collaborate with each other frequently and host yearly multicultural events for the entire Dwight-Englewood School community. The parent-led, culturally-based affinity groups at D-E operate under the umbrella of the Parent Association and help foster parent engagement across the school community in support of the School’s values and vision. These parent groups offer support spaces for parents who want to be connected culturally and to share their heritage and experiences in the D-E community.

If you are interested in joining one or more specific Affinity Group, please contact the Group directly using the Email address(es) provided or click here to sign-up using our online Volunteer Interest Form.


Asian-American Affinity Group

A group for parents of children of Asian descent (of all ethnicities) who identify as American. This group hosts social and educational events to provide support and foster discussion among the Asian American parent community.

Asian-American Parent Affinity Group contact:


Black Affinity Group

A group for parents of children of African descent from across the diaspora that supports Black families and hosts educational and community events that engage the varied cultural perspectives of Black people in America.

Black Parent Affinity Group contact:


Chinese Affinity Group

A group for parents of children of Chinese heritage. We offer support to Chinese families in the D-E community, organize Chinese cultural celebrations, and host educational events for the school community in order to promote greater cultural understanding and awareness.

Chinese Parent Affinity Group contact:


Korean Affinity Group

A group of parents with children of Korean descent, as well as any parent who seeks support and wishes to foster cultural education for the entire D-E community.

Korean Parent Affinity Group contact:


Latino Affinity Group

A group for parents of children of Latin American/Hispanic heritage that supports Latino families and hosts cultural celebrations and community events that represent the varied cultural perspectives and contributions of Latinos in America.

Latino Parent Affinity Group contact:


South Asian Affinity Group

A group for parents of children of Indian, Sri Lankan, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepali, Bhutanese, Indo-Caribbean descent and all who form the South Asian Diaspora. This multireligious, multicultural group supports South Asian families and hosts cultural celebrations.

South Asian Affinity Group contact: